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Mar 14, 2006
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Your thoughts on it? I personally thought it sucked balls so hard they were ripped out of the scrotum. :lmao::thumbdown:
We went last year. Except for hurricane Jean, I was underwhelmed. My daughter, who was 4 loved it though. So that made it okay for me. It would have been better if we would have went with some friends, then there would have been golfing and way more drinking.:D
KevinR said:
My daughter, who was 4 loved it though.

i've been several times and kept in mind this was all about the children having fun...which in turn gives you pleasure. i will admit that i enjoyed a few of the attractions, but it is a kids theme park for the most part. i wasn't expecting anything more.

located in the same area, universal studios is more fitting for the older 'kids' :)
I love Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is for the kids and I felt it brought things to life for them. I also loved the light work in the evenings... but then, I am a kid at heart so those things always fascinate me!

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