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Jun 18, 2013
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OK, I didn't see a DIY section so I hope this is ok.

I was offered a big pop up backdrop with a "train" (for lack of a better term). So part of it is on the pop up frame and the other part is the floor drop part (the train). ANYWAY... its a pretty cool setup but I hate the color.

Can I paint it or dye it or something? Any DIY tips for painting a backdrop? What type of paint can I use? ETC... all tips welcome.

If it's free, I would take it, and worry about modifying it later. "maybe" you could fire a gelled flash at it and change the color. It's possible too that if it's a strong singular color, that you could select that color in post, and use selective color adjustment to shift the color of the background. "Most" fabrics will accept good fabric dyes with decent results, but if it's al;ready a pretty dark color, it might be a bit tricky--you might not have a wide range of colors that will take and look good.
well, its not free, he wants $75 for it. He paid $300. Its a kind of orangy-brown color and its that marbled look. I would like it to be a kind of grey marbled color.
If the backdrop is the material I'm thinking it is, (a tight, platiscized nylon) then it probably won't take dye very well, but there are lots of fabric paints that you can use; a store like Michael's could probably give you guidance on exactly what would be best. Otherwise, Derrel's suggestion of gelling is probably the best, easiest and cheapest option.
You don't mention the original color, but if it's white or grey, it would be a bonus. Grey is the most useful color IMO because, as Derrel mentioned, gels can be used to get most any color you would want. The train can be useful for continuity, but you'll want to be attentive to its propensity to fold and wrinkle. I used to tie-dye a lot and used Rit dyes to color. Size and fabric weight could be a hassle if really large, but still do-able.

Tie-Dyeing | Rit Dye
its not that nylon stuff. Its a cotton type fabric from what I can tell. Its about 15 years old. I think rit dye would take, but I don't think I could get it remotely even because of the frame. I live in bufu nowhere and would have to drive 200 miles to get to a michaels store which is a major hassle. OH, and its HUGE.... its probably a 10x8 frame plus the tail thingy. I'm guessing I can change the color in post, but I might just pass on this. Its too tall for the ceiling in my house!
I have two opinions on backgrounds.

1) Shots with a white background are typically boring.

2) Mottled backgrounds generally add layers of subtle texture to enhance the subject.

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