Do you make your own desktop backgrounds?


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Sep 23, 2008
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Buffalo Grove, IL
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Anyone here takes pictures for your PC desktop wallpaper? Not just using one of your photos, but making an effort to create a background as a purpose?
Am I weird? :) I was sitting at my desk today and got bored looking at my desktop background on the screen again. I was about to log on to and get something new or browse for a good picture of a motorcycle as usual, but decided to make my own. Quick look around the desk found a blank DVD-R and on of those little bags of silicon balls that are included in electronics packaging to absorb the moisture.

The desk lamp provided the lighting and here is result - my PC got the new look!


I have never actually shot a photo for my desktop. I usually just use a random photo or use one from one my frequented site when they make a new one.

I might have to take this on...
Cool drop!
i am having bad case of acute needtoshootinis :) work and family don't leave time for hobbies now, so sometimes I have to get by what i see on my desk :)
I don't purposefully take pictures for my desktop background, no. Sometimes I use my own pictures and sometimes I find cool ones on the internet. All all normally automotive or boat related.
But I did get bored one night a few months ago and did this

Took the picture at the Rolex Vintage Festival at Limerock Park in Connecticut.

But its starting to get boring so I need to find something new, or make something new.
I have Desktop Wallpaper Master which changes the wallpaper at intervals and simply use my photos. I've never set up a photo specifically for creating a wallpaper. Most of mine are of the kids/family/dog.
Cool pictures i love the 1st one with the lights... pretty neat i'll try this challange and post sunday night
I used to always just use one of my favourite photos as my background. Lately though I've just found images on the web to use.

For a while I was using this one:

The background for my PC is just a black screen. I don't really find it attractive for my PC to have a picture for a background because I"ve got random files everywhere.

My mac always has a picture of mine for the background. Leopard showcases the background really well.
i do find myself using my pics. its slightly gratifying. haha.
my desktop background changes often, and is typically purposed to inspire laughter or remind me of something important =P

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