DONATING sigma macro lens and macro rail for Nikon


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Jun 7, 2012
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Just going through some of the miscellaneous gear we have left and deciding what I'm going to hold and sell and what I would rather just donate here.
This set obviously fell into the "donate" category.

Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens. (1:1)
AF works fine, though I never use af for macro work. Lens is in great shape.
Good for macro or as a regular 50mm lens. This lens fits Nikon cameras.

The macro rail is pretty self explanatory.
Camera goes on the rail, rail goes on the tripod. Knobs let you make micro adjustments left/ right and forwards/ backwards.
This thing makes stationary macro work so much easier...for reals.

Overall, this setup is pretty Wizard.
Plus, we are giving it away. For free.

And now, on to the fine print.
To qualify for this donation you must meet the following criteria.
-a reasonably active member of the forum as determined by me and the wife.
-not have a macro lens.
-have a tripod
-have an interest in learning macro photography.

Me and the wife cover shipping cost.
If you are interested in this totally wizard macro setup, you must post in this thread with your current gear and what sort of macro work you would like to do.




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Nice offer :)

I have to say those macro focusing rails are the kind I prefer! At least until you get into the high end options like Novoflex or Motorized ones. They work well and you can disassemble them so that you only need use the one you want if you just want motion in one axis (most often back/forward). I agree that for tripod macro work they are really great and make it a lot easier; far easier than trying to move the tripod in tiny distances to frame and focus the shot.

Good luck to who gets it :)
I would like to put my entry in. I have a D3200, 18-55mm kit lens, a tripod, and a 35mm 1.8G. As a geoscience student my immediate interest in a macro lens would be the geography of natural substances on a macro level, mostly rocks, minerals, and soils. This sort of work and ultimately art would be directly applicable to the work and study that I do everyday. Other photographers have done "rockscapes" and the results can be quite stunning though I am not aware of "soilscapes" or "mineralscapes" on that scale.
Thank you @pixmedic for the generous offer and good luck to all entrants!

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Wow. Amazing offer. I'll throw my hat into this, if I may.

I have a d5200, a tripod, and the typical 18-55mm kit lens. A macro lens would let me really get into one of my favorite things. I'm a slightly crazed gardener when the weather allows. And when it doesn't... I have a planty horde indoors. I would love to be able to get minuscule plants and insects into my photography. I also am a fishkeeper. I keep betta fish and one angry convict.. I've seen some amazing shots of these little guys and would love to make my own.
What a kind offer! I would love to be considered, though I won't attempt to describe myself as more worthy than the other contenders.

Current equipment is a D5100, 18-55 kit, 50mm 1.8, and 70-300, all bought used. Tripod, 2 Yongnuo speedlights and trigger. A couple light stands, reflectors and modifiers. LR and PS CC.
A lens with macro capability is the next thing on my wish list. I'm interested in shooting flowers and other objects to discover interesting textures, and also like shooting jewelry since I'm easily fascinated by anything sparkly.

Thanks for the generous offer. I'm sure I, or whomever you choose, will pay the kindness forward. Acts like this make the world a friendlier place.
WTG,P-DOGG!!!.....what a coincidence.Just this morn,I set up my tripod/rail to play with my extension rings.I bought the rail/rings just about a year ago.This is the first time the rail has even been out of the box.I played with the rings,once,for about an hour,before putting them back in the box.I don't have a dedicated macro (no,I'm not throwing my name in the box), but I'm going to play with the glass that I do have.
For all the giving that you and the missus do,I applaud you. :clap::clap::headbang::headbang::headbang:
I have Canon, and have never really gotten into macro. But this is super nice of you!!!:wav:
For all of you Canon shooters holding off on this, you can get a lens adaptor for just over $10! :)

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