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Jan 29, 2012
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Timmins, Ontario, Canada
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Hello everyone! I hope you're well! Here is a recent photo I did over the weekend. C&C is always appreciated.

Have look at my full set here, if you're interested:

To be honest, something about this one isn't sitting right with me; nothing major, but I think it's a combination of small things: (1) Her hand position seems a bit forced, inducing tension (not mention disembodied); and (2) her expression seems almost annoyed rather the 'come hither' I take it that was intended from your title.
The face almost looks like it was added to the picture and is slightly too large for the rest. Probably not that way - just looks that way to me.
Do like the face - would whiten the woman's right eye to eliminate the veins.
I looked at the full set on your site, and it seemed to me that your highlights are very hot on a couple of the images. Forehead, nose, very hot. In this shot, the hand just looks odd and has a sort of rigid and claw-like look to it.

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