Downtown Miami at Night


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Feb 16, 2012
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Homestead, Florida
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I spend most of my time shooting landscape and nature shots out in the Everglades here in South Florida. However, to try something different I recently decided to try my hand at taking some cityscape shots of the Downtown Miami Skyline. I enjoyed the expierence and have decided to add a South Florida Gallery to my collection. I hope to make additional trips in the future to capture some more images of the skyline as well as a trip to south beach for the old buildings and neon lights. I just have to convince myself to fight the traffic.

At Sunset
Downtown Miami Skyline.jpg

After Dark

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The skyline really comes alive after dark! I'm not a huge fan of the first one really, it seems a bit blue/cool in the WB department, and the colours are a touch bland. #2 though is very nice. My only gripe is the poor quality noticable in the clouds around the tops of the buildings, looks like a bit of noise and/or jpg artefacts.
I can't seem to get past the distracting watermark making the buildings appear tiny
Although Miami does not have as many tall buildings as other cities, I have found it is one of the more picturesque at night due to its many colors and location on the water. I think the noise/artifacts in the second shot maybe due to the low resolution image posted. I printed the 2nd photo 24x48 and did not have any issues with noise or artifacts in the original image.
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