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Oct 5, 2010
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I'm starting to go through my pictures on my computer and tweak them a bit. Here's a really cute one I love of my daughter for Easter. What do you think?

I don't have a problem with selective coloring, but i don't feel like it "works" here.... If anything the baby should be the one colored, but ehh this picture isn't good for it regardless. Try to focus on the eyes in pictures with babies (given the circumstances)...
Too much grey, not enough contrast.
It was my first time doing selective coloring. I thought I would try the dress because it had more color and it would pop. I've tried her eyes and for some reason they just don't show up on black and white. It just looks weird.
I like it :)The dress adds just enough not to much and still keeps the black and white feel to it and all babies are cute to me lol
I love selective colouring :) and this is a great shot IMO, except it's a little too grey. Beautiful baby.
All the grey, along with the selective coloring serves the purpose of making the baby (the subject) get lost. It's a beautiful mommy shot (I'm one of those and have those photos of my kids that I LOVE) but that wouldn't cut is photographically). I think the dots would be fine if the baby also stood out from the sea of grey. Play with your contrast.

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