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May 4, 2013
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Hi all.
Noticed my dog waiting for me after work the other day, and got a shot of her from behind a bush before she noticed me.
If I had time and experience to set up my camera with this photo, I would have attempted to single her out using settings in my camera. (focal point, Bigger aperture...I think)
I do not have experience in this yet, so I added a blur type effect to the image after.
Is it noticeable that I used software by looking at this, or could I achieve this same effect with camera settings?
I thought that I needed to single her out more from the original as there was a lot of fence and sidewalk in this.
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It's apparent to anyone who's experienced in post-processing and is looking for it, that the blur was added in the computer, but given the circumstances, there's not much else you could have done, and I really don't think it matters much. It does help to isolate Rover from the rest of the scene, and it's not strong enough to be bothersome.
This isn't successful with me for several reasons.
The light is pretty harsh
The fence and the concrete are bright and pull my eyes from what I know is the center of interest, the dog.
The dog is sort of a hodge podge of shapes and colors - the paws and ears aren't distinct or in focus.
The dog's eyes aren't clear and so there's no contact with him/her.

I am not familiar with hodge podge, but I think i understand what you are saying with light being harsh.
There is no blur now and instead I tried cropping a bit more.
I attempted to lighten her face to see her ears a bit more, while darkening the glare off the fence and concrete.
That's a good start, but I think you went just a little overboard on adjusting the lighting. The cement turned a funky yellow/green.

Here's an attempt at it... Brightened the dog just a bit and brought down the brightness on the rest.


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