eeek! need maternity help!

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by JenR, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    My sister-in-law just asked me to shoot some matenity photos on Sunday. This is the first time I will be shooting someone that actually wants to be photographed. Usually my subjects are either inanimate or running away from me (toddlers tend to do that :) ).

    I could really use all the advice I can get-- especially about lighting and posing! She wants some outdoor and some indoor shots. The house where we will be shooting is *very* dark. I am going to try to use a south-facing garage, as long as it isn't filled with too much junk. I just bought an SB-600 for my D50, but have not had much time to practice with it. I would love to get it off-camera, but I don't think I will be able to do that between now and Sunday.

    So here's what I am working with:

    Nikon D50
    50 mm f1.8
    28mm - 80 mm f3.3-5.6
    black backdrop

    If you are still reading this, you are awesome!! How do I do this? Any advice or words of encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated!!


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    For the house dark house you're going to want to use the 1.8 lens. I would say try to get some shadows and such going in the house. That can end up looking really nice. If you want to use the flash for some, aim it at the ceiling, walls, etc. It's not that hard to put the SB600 into commander mode, but be aware the flash on the camera will fire too. Buy a tripod if you can for the indoor shots.

    Outside just go for broke, play around with different settings, etc. Try using light falling through tree branches, stuff like that. Just have some fun with it, and don't make it too serious.Maybe search flickr for maternity if you want ideas on what positions, etc.

    Hope it was remotely helpful to you. :)

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