Empire State of Mind...

I really like this scene but I just can't quite dig the processing, it badly needs more contrast. I'm not opposed to HDR at all but I think that if you take the concept too literally and try and compress everything into a visible tonal range the image will come out looking flat. Come clipped or a least deeper blacks would really help this image I think - it is what our eye is used to seeing in a scene like this, and really the point of HDR is to try and better replicate what the eye sees in a scene.
I'm going to try a little more contrast and see how it looks. The sun was setting on the left side of this image and this bright golden light was hitting all of the buildings on the left side.
Wow, pretty cool shot!! It's alive! =)
Nicely done change of pace from the usual NYC night skyline picture. I agree that you should either remove your watermark, or at least love it to a lower corner.

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