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Oct 12, 2008
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Well my local PUD is putting on a photo assignment, with a theme of Energy, and i was thinking about entering it.

So i was just wondering if you guys have any ideas on what a good way to demostrate Energy would be..

I have an idea.. but i am also trying to think of other ideas also.

So if you guys have an idea go ahead and let me know,

Just going to rattle off some synonyms here to give you some inspiration:

Power (political, natural, electrical...)

Might also try illuminating what "Energy" means by showing the opposite of it.
I think a good shot would be of a 3 or 4 year old child hopped up on candy bars and old fashioned Kool-Aid (made with two cups of pure cane sugar) bouncing around the back yard or park, while an exhausted mother sits forlornly on a bench in the background (or foreground). You would need a large depth of field for this.


Water(a waterwheel, for example)
A bottle of stanazolol next to a loaf of bread.

Damn, I could go on and on...
If you are anywhere near a powerplant then shoot it as night.
Light Bulb
Light trails
Moving objects (kinetic energy)
If want to PM me where you live I might be able to tell you if there are any wind turbines nearby.
Thanks everybody for the replies!!
I think i have some ideas of what i am going to shoot now!

As for the wind turbines, i live in seattle and there are none around here.. the closest one is like 200 miles away in eastern Washington and its not worth the drive for the shot haha.
So i came up with an idea i think im going to run with..

Have a grid of 15/16 Fluorescent bulbs all powered up.. then in the middle just have a regular bulb which is not powered.. showing the move from the old Incandescent bulbs to the new Fluorescent ones to save energy..

What do you guys think??
Well that can work. Also do you have any high tension powerlines you can get under. If you do take a 4-6 foot flouresent under them have a friend hold it up. It should light up real nice.
Could you please explain what you mean joves?
Do you mean one thats non powered or powered??

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