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    I signed up on this forum hoping to get some good advice from some pros. My wedding pics were taken in Jamaica with a 35 mm camera, and I've taken the negatives to wolf camera where they scanned them onto a dvd, then enlarged them as I requested to 8x10, but I felt the photos turned out much poorer quality than I expected (lost a lot of detail, not clear). I don't know if this is the film (it says konica minolta VX100-S on the negative), the fact that I enlarged them, or the lab? In other words, would I get better results if I took them somewhere else that would enlarge them from the negative (if they still do this) or take the dvd somewhere else and try to have enlargements made? If so, should I send them off somewhere (precious cargo) or try to have them done locally (I live in the St. Louis area). Thank you in advance for any of your suggestions, and please let me know if I should also post to a different forum.

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    Take the negatives to Allied Photocolor on Forest Park Parkway, they will be able to get the best out of your negatives, they still do a LOT of traditional printing and enlarging.

    I have no connection with them, I just use their services.

    welcome and About Allied Photocolor

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