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Oct 31, 2007
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Tomorrow is my cousins wedding and I have been asked to take as many pictures as possible. They already have a pro photog so there is no pressure at all. My question is, I have an SB-800 flash and I'm expecting some pretty low light especially during the reception.. As a general rule, would I get better results using the flash off camera held at arms distance bounced of the ceiling as a supplement to my built-in flash? Or should I mount it to the hotshoe and use it as my main flash which would most likely be bounced from the ceiling unless direct is needed.. Thanks in advance..
Wow, I doubt you could have asked a more general question had you tried... lol.

The answer is... it depends on the location/scene/current conditions.



Another thing you could do is do a search on YOUTUBE for photography and flash useage. You should find an easy 200+ videos to help you out.

Start with these 2... and give yourself a couple weeks to practice and play. Since your timing is a little off and you are likely looking at this with 10 minnutes to get to the wedding, all I can say is... good luck!
haha, I'm sure i could make it MORE general if I really wanted to.. I'm not really lookin for anything specific, I took some good shots at the rehearsal dinner last night and I used it on the shoe bounced from the ceiling. I was just curious what most wedding photogs do at the reception where it is usually very low lighting conditions. thanks for the links!
If your trying to get the most eye pleasing photos without harsh shadows then yes bouncing the flash off the ceiling would be best.
I'd say bounce it off the ceiling...
I've seen photogs at weddings just use a piece of white paper and an elastic band as a bounce card on their hotshoe flash...could work...I dono.

Good luck.
Whatever you do leave that pop-up flash where it belongs DOWN!!!!
if the ceilings are dark, bouncing isn't going to do much good, in that event, set it off camera and either bounce it off anything white, or just fire it directly, further than arms length away. Either way, it should look better than direct, on camera.

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