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Oct 11, 2015
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Hi there! I wanted to know what is your favorite everyday lens. I have a few Nikon lenses I use but I feel like I need a new one that I don't need to be switching often. One with decent zoom and not a hassle to travel with. I have two prime lenses and the kit ones. Any suggestions?

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To answer your question, the Nikon 18-140, Sigma 17-70 Contemporary, Nikon 16-85 all come to mind. It depends on what you are wanting to take pictures of, as this could drastically change the suggestions. Also cost is a significant factor as well in choosing a lens.

I have used all 3, owned the Sigma 17-70 though. The Sigma is a very high-quality value lens.
I use the Sigma 17-70 quite a bit.
Right now, mine is the Nikkor 28-300 AF-S. I got it to replace the 24-120, which I got to replace the 24-85.

If weight is an issue, I'll go to my 28-200 AF-D.
When I had my d610, the 50 1.8 was my everyday lens. Obviously not a zoom, but it made me a better photog.
I was using the same combination as you just a while ago. 2 primes - 50mm and 35mm + the nikon 18-55 kit. I had the same problem when I traveled.

That's the reason I bought the sigma 17-50 2.8 recently. I shoot mostly street and travel so I am quite happy with that zoom range. If you need extra range, the 17-70 is probably a good choice.

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Yes, it depends on your personal style ... I keep my 70-400mm as my primary.
My everyday general use lens which is used most of the time is my beloved Nikon 24-70mm 2.8G
I just ordered the sigma 17-70 yesterday, should be here Thursday. Can't wait. Adorama is sending me a sub dock for free too. Going to give me a good range for daily and travel and will pair well with my 70-300. Now I need to find a good ultra wide to complete my trinity.
I use my Nikon 18-140 more than any of my others. The 10 comes out some as does the 500 but the 70-300 may be the second most used but they all are distantly behind the 18-140. If I had a good 70-300 I'd use it more but mine is an old manual focus model.
If I could only have 2 lenses it would be the 18-140 and the 70-300.
Although we shoot Canons, Nikon has an equivalent of my hands down favorite lens.... the 24-105mm L (it is macro capable). The range and quality is unsurpassed You literally cover 80%+ of all photographic subjects.
You all gave me so many choices. It's going to be hard to chose one. I've never tried a Sigma lens before. I'm a little curious to try it out. I was just planning on getting a lens I could use when I travel, indoor shots, bday parties, the beach, family shots. I usually travel with 3 lenses and it's getting to be too much.

Thanks for all the replies.
What format body? I shoot DX, and 35mm is my favorite prime length. I also have the Sigma 17-50mm, and I use them sorta equally. Depends on what you shoot though.
My everyday lens is an FX lens that has a zoom range of 24 to 85 mm, a maximum aperture range of f/2.8 to f/4, and has a 1:2 macro reproduction ratio capability from 35 mm to 85 mm. Good used ones can be had for about $350.
It is a fairly compact lens making it more suitable for every day or walk around use than longer zoom range lenses.
Nikon AF FX NIKKOR 24-85mm f/2.8-4D IF Zoom Lens
I switch between the 24-85 that KmH above uses,and the Nikon 17-55 f/2.8.
They're both very nice lenses,obviously depending on your needs.

Forgot to mention I don't own full frame body.

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