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    I find not having anything to shoot that moment doesn't stop me from loving photography, thinking about it or learning. If one night I'm stuck inside i'll just read about it, hit up this forum or play with random settings and subjects in my room.
    Often I find myself working, going to school, and not having any time. I wish I had more places to shoot that were clothes by, but without a solid 5 hours I can't go shooting, because right now I'm only interested in getting shots of people and the only place i can think of is downtown and a 'night life' district, which i have been meaning to visit for 2 weeks now! I am very much in love with photography, and am thinking that especially as a beginner with a part time job and school i may be putting to much pressure on myself
    I try to go out with a specific purpose of shooting something once a week, and make sure I at least have two or three pictures that I'm satisfied with, keeping in mind that I am very picky.
    How do some of you find time for your hobby?
    What expectations do you have for yourself, and your shooting habits?
    When you're low on subjects and ideas in a boring city, or where you are, how do you satisfy your NEED to pick up your camera and take pictures.\
    My biggest problem, I believe, is my love for wide open landscapes, and my lack of transportation to get to these places. Ideas?


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