1. P

    difference between Iphone and dslr in quality?

    what is the difference anymore? Unless you really look at the details there isn't any. also, with a lot of final images and even videos being color graded and filtered it is even harder to tell. Is the iphone the future of photography and videography? even for video taking, attaching a stable...

    External flash

    Hi all! I am very new to photography as a hobby, so bear with me :) I have a Nikon D3200 and an Andover DA-560II external flash. Not the fanciest gear, but i think its ok for an amateur as me :) When i mount the flash on my camera, i can't get the external flash to work. The flash itself works...
  3. M

    I’m very stuck and need help!

    I’m looking to make an upgrade in my camera equipment but am overwhelmed by the choice. I shoot surfing and wave landscapes. I need a camera with great battery life and very durable alongside being a good hybrid for video but mainly photos. Looking at the canon 1dxiii/ii, but really want a...
  4. M

    Canon EOS T8i/850D for weddings and other events photography

    Hello, I wanted to know because I am just stating out in wedding and other event photography is Canon EOS T8i/850D a good camera to start with? I wont have any issues with focus when taking stills of groups, moving subjects and couple portraits right? Will this camera be able to keep up with...
  5. photoflyer

    Mirrorless Convert Buys DSLR

    I'm a mirrorless convert. I got the R6 and truly enjoy using it. But, while it is not a done deal as they have to get the camera from another store, on Friday I should be getting a Canon 7D Mark II with only 19k on the shutter. I've enjoyed watching folks on the forum dig their heals in for...
  6. P

    what should one to buy the right camera for THEM

    I know when i was first purchasing my first dslr, i just went with the best one in the market. i realised after toying around with it that there were a lot of things i could go without, and othertimes where my camera lacks the part where I needed it to thrive. so for someone who is looking out...
  7. Markw

    720nm Infrared-converted Nikon D800 Body

    I'm switching systems, so all of my equipment has to go! I purchased this camera new three years ago, and as of today it ha 39,972 actuations on the body. It was converted to 720nm by Kolari Vision and has done me very well! It's in practically new condition. I've attached some photos taken...
  8. C

    Nikon Z5 for low-light product photography?

    Hello, I was looking to purchase a strong yet basic beginner-intermediate level DSLR for product photography. Today I went to a local shop and was very disappointed in what was sold to me (A mirrorless Canon M50 EOS Mark II)- I felt it was a step backward instead of forward. I am used to...
  9. P

    How do i get myself (subject) to not have "dead eyes"

    i guess this is more personal than skills, but no matter how i photograph myself with self timer or have someone else do it i always have dead eyes. its very unflattering and no amount of camera skills can fix that. i smile, i turn to side i do everything and nothing is fixing it. any idea?
  10. Jeff15

    Which beginner camera for start?

    There are lots of compact cameras on the market, take a look at the Panasonic range.
  11. P

    Why do my videos not look as good as professional examples I've seen? Screenshots attached

    i got this screenshot clip from aa yt video and i want to replicate it. im thinking it has to do with post production. in any case most video are clean and crisp/sharp and i am unable to get that in my own videos on a dslr even with all the lighting set up. what am i missing?
  12. W

    So many choices. Any advice?

    My husband wants to buy me a nice digital camera like a mirrorless or DSLR. He wants me to essentially choose what I would want except that I have no idea since I've never owned either one I've never held either one and so it's really confusing for me. I will say I am home most of the time, I...
  13. Flavio

    Change ISO while recording video

    Hello, I have a Fuji X-T20 and just found out that I can't change the ISO while recording video. Is this common in most digital dslrs? Is this feature not important in video? Thanks in advance!
  14. TWX

    Aperture to make the amateur's results better, what next?

    I went through my e-mail records, we ordered the 77D almost exactly one year ago, February 16th, 2019, and it arrived on February 21st. Since receiving it I've put a little over ten thousand shots through it, the vast majority single-shot snaps. I understand the exposure triangle. I think...
  15. J

    What converter should I buy for this Spiratone lens?

    So I recently bought an old lens for quite cheap at a thrift store (the specs on the sides say "Spiratone 1:5.6 f=300mm Mirror Lens No.8300968 ø72 Minitel-S Plura-Coat"), and it appears to be built for SLR cameras rather than my Canon Rebel. I've done some research and it appears that a t-ring...
  16. P

    why does my video web cam on macbook better quality than the dslr lens mount on tripod?

    when filming myself (make me look better) vs a dslr full frame set at 35mm lens mounted on tripod on video mode? which is more of an accurate look? also is this how other see me compare to mirror we look at everyday?
  17. P

    is there hard glue inside the canon lens?

    dropped my camera accidently and this glue sticky residue started to show on my lens above the focus ring and I thought it was something that the camera picked up from the floor but then it is so hard that it wouldn't come out. I noticed its hard glue and was wondering if the fall was hard that...
  18. P

    Canon 1DX ii Review

    New Canon 1DX ii Review:
  19. P

    becoming an expert photographer?

    when you understand the fundamental /technical aspect of photography, composing and lighting, what else do you need to know in order to say you're an expert photographer? can anyone provide an image of such caliber and explain what make it better than another in comparison?
  20. P

    Best lens for social media (blogs/instagram)

    I'm a canon user so i'm thinking the 35mm-70mm would be perfect for it. however, are there better options?