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EyeFi Memory Card Image Corruption Issues...


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Nov 16, 2011
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Saint Louis, MO
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I've had an 8GB EyeFi ProX2 memory card for about 2 months now. I love the functionality. It works great for my wife and I... She can look at pictures online that I take of our daughter while she is at work without me having to go through the process of getting on a computer and uploading them. However, the last 2 times that I filled the memory card I've had a few images that were corrupted. My camera is a Canon T3i and I shoot in JPEG and RAW. On some just the JPEG will be corrupted, some just the RAW and some both. I tried formating the card, but I got a corrupted image today after shooting about 50 pictures.

I've contacted EyeFi support, but I was just wondering if this is a common issue with the EyeFi cards or (hopefully) it's just a glitch with mine. Does anybody have these cards and, if so, how do they work for you?

I've stopped using the card, because despite the great convenience of wirelessly transferring images from my camera to the internet, it's just not worth the risk missing that great picture.
This is a major issue with these cards. They are great for small consumer point and shoots, but I heard they often have corruption issues with SLRs. Look up reviews online. I almost bought one for my mother in law until I saw the reviews that talked about the problems.

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