Few from the wedding I shot yesterday


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Jun 2, 2012
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I'm sorting through nearly 3,000 pictures. Myself and another shooter covered the wedding for 10 hours! But it was definitely a blast. Here's a couple I've found so far. I'm getting excited, these are by far not the best in the set yet.

1. $9OQZe48.jpg

2. $Iph6ehi.jpg
3. $FIphcC9.jpg
My other shooter had some technical difficulties at some point, she'd never used a flash before and as such, many test shots were fired. As for myself, I'd never used my speedlight on camera, I've only ever used it wireless, so I took the opportunity to quickly learn the basics of bouncing a flash.

I also was using my new lens the 70-200mm exclusively, and while it focuses incredibly fast, I've only used my lenses in One Shot autofocus mode, and had never even flicked over to AI Servo, and as such had never attempted to shoot a moving target. Luckily we got many many many many many... fantastic captures out of all those frames. So for my first wedding I tried to go overboard and overdeliver rather than under. It helps that the bride was a very good friend and I knew the family, so in the event of an emergency it wouldn't have been a big deal.

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