Filter papers for removing left over particles in diluted solutions?

Seth Baldwin

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Dec 29, 2018
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Can someone recommend me appropriate whatman filter papers (not coffee filters) for keeping my solutions ash free after dilution.

While I have various boxes of Whatman papers I always use coffee filters in the darkroom, with any filter paper Whatman or Coffee you should refilter the first few mls anyway. If I was using Whatman papers Grade 4 is sufficient.

Thanks. I'm confused what you mean by refilter the first few millilitres? Do you mean filter the solution multiple times in general or something else?
In laboratory work it's common to either run some distilled or de-ionised water through a filter, or some of the solution, So typically if filtering 1 litre you might start filtering and then after say 100ml return that to the container you are filtering from, this removes any particles on the new filter paper.


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