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May 14, 2006
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Ok, so since getting my new camera for graduation I have been out taking random pictures, just trying to get used to all the tons of features and stuff. Here are a few of my pics. Critique them and let me know if there are things i can do better and just give me any hints or tips that you can think of. thanks


Just a random shot, got the idea from a pic my friend took.


trying out the macro feature, thought it looked kinda cool.


a birdhouse, looks kinda old maybe... lol

tell me what you think
Hi and welcome!

I really like the second pic, especially with the brick background. The third one I think the contrast may be just a liiiiiiiiittle much.

Mind me asking what kind of camera you got? Too bad I dont graduate until next spring; I know I would have asked for a new camera too ;)
I'm glad someone commented, so far only two people have responded to the two posts I have made. On that last picture I was messing with the manual exposure setting making it kinda bright. The camera is Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-H2, thanks for the comments.

Nice shots. My fave is the second one. Like how you caught the water drops on the leaves. I agree with WNK on the third. Seems a little over contrasted.
Welcome to the forum.
For the last, I think, you chose a motif that would have posed problems to each and every camera, with the very bright sky against your subject in the shadow ... that is a difficult exposure per se, since the camera does not quite know what to expose on ... maybe a step to the left could have helped this with a little less of the sky in the picture (just guessing here). I still find the texture of the little bird house and the tree bark come out nicely.

But I, too, like the middle photo best, with the leaf against the brick wall as backdrop. Works nice, and the droplets sure add to the overall picture.
Thanks for the comments, i'm hopefully going out to take some more pictures tomorrow. Gonna go down to a creek. Hopefully some good shots.

Did you fire the flash on the first one? Looks a lot brighter in the foreground than in the background, if so then I like the composition, but turn off the flash! The second one looks good, I like it, but in the third one you've lost a lot of detail in the birdbox. Try using levels in photoshop to bring it out.

Well done!
1 more vote for the 2nd pic. looks like you just need to get used to your camera. i have a h1, and im still getting ued to it. its strange not having the full controll of a MF, but its still fun to shoot with.
I didn't notice that on the first pic, about the foreground being alot brighter. I might try that shot again. I might try the bird house one again also, only a step to the left or on a darker day. Hopefully going out today to take some more. Thanks for the help so far.

you may also want to look into a couple of filters for your camera. it takes all standard 58mm filters on the lense attachment piece. (assuming you camera came with the attachent tube)
Yes, it came with the tube. What filters might I need? and where do I get these filters?
any camera shop should carry standard 58mm filters. id suggest a uv filter for protection, a neutral density filter for bright days, and maybe a cp filter if youre feeling froggy. sony sells the neutral density filter and uv filter as a package.

then if you feel like spending a little more on your camera, you have a choice of a copuple of lenses too.
Ok, so i went out and took a ton of pictures. Hopefully some are good. I'll let you guys tell me.





That's as many as i have the patience to load on photobucket, takes so freakin long. Comments appreciated.


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