First family please.

Some weird tilting going on...earthquake during the portrait session?

Some nice expressions though, and delightful,quirky processing. I think 2 and 5 look awful...they are not horizontals, and they are not (but should be!) verticals...those look absolutely awful,compositionally. Neither fish,nor fowl it's mystery meat! (old US joke)

I do think the family might like some or all of these photos. The kids look very adorable,and you've made a sort of matching pair of individual shots of the boy and the girl. The last detail shot, of baby girl grabbing mommy's necklace while daddy plants a kiss is simply darling! I KNOW the parents will melt upon seeing that shot!
4 and 6 need to have the highlights pulled back a bit. Too much detail has been lost. I don't agree that 2 looks awful. I'm not crazy about the tilt but I can see that some might like it. The colors are real nice on that one. I think 6 would otherwise be great if the highlights can be tamed.

For me, the black point is off on #1 and the perfect centering isn't doing it for me.

I think 5 has a lot of potential but the black point is even further off than #1 and is killing the shot. In this case, it's obviously intentional, presumably for a specific effect, but for me it aint working here.

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