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Discussion in 'People Photography' started by tron, May 3, 2009.

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    so i really dont do a lot of portraits but i decided to try it out since i got a new sc-28 sync cable. here is my setup.

    -nikon d40
    -sc28 sync cable
    -sb600 speedlight
    -3 diffused work lamps
    -white bedsheet for the background

    the speedlight was snooted (about an 8 inch snoot made out of construction paper) and the camera was set to 1/500 at f/11 (i think). i used a remote to trigger the shutter and i post processed from there. there were two work lamps on the right and one on the left in an attempt to cast a shadow since the only background i had was a white bedsheet

    anyways lmk what you think!

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    [​IMG] I like it, especially how her face is highlighted but not overpoweringly so. I would like to see more of her hair, though, and maybe a bit more gradual darkening moving out on each side of the chest and shoulders. That's my opinion,. based solely on what looks good to me, not on any kind of formal experience with such shots.

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