First ''photo'' with my new camera


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Nov 3, 2009
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Yeah, my bestie came over, we watched buffy, ate popcorn and I bribed her with pizza if she could only accept to sit and smile so I could try my new camera. It works, pizza always works.

Which camera did you end up getting? :D
A d610 :) and one of my new lens is a 85mm 1.8

Well hello there fellow Nikon photographer! LOL I shoot with D600, D750, D800, and F100.[/QUOTE]
Haha you got a lot of nikon too , I got some, not all FX tho, I own a d90, d300, f2 and now a d610
D610 and 85/1.8....sweet new gear! Your bestie is so pretty, one would think no bribe would be needed. I hope you enjoy the new camera immensely!
Beautiful model and excellent shot, well done.

Congrats on the new camera. Your "bestie" is a cutie.

I agree with Ron...the combination of the DoF and the placement of her right hand makes it (her hand) look disproportionately large. If you could reshoot, just have her drop that right hand and the crop it as a headshot. Frankly, from the necklace on up, it's lovely. Also, try to avoid cutting off the top of her head.
Congrats on the new camera.
I like the light and your friend is beautiful, but I think the composition needed more space.
But it's a good snap there.

For cropping top of head, I often do it, and kinda like it, I watch a lot of Sue Bryce video lately and she also does crop a lot at the top of the head. I found a chart on the net which says it's okay, what's everybody opinion about that?

Thank you, I wasn't really trying to do something, just wanted to try out the camera.

I was very impressed by how good looking the noise was at 6400 Iso, past 1000 with my d300 it looked like crap. I knew it would be better, but I wasn't expecting that great.


That was the actual shot, with my prime so I didn't really have space behind me and to the side.
I was bugged by the cutted feet, so I crop even more, but I do agree with you.

Also shot that one;
She's the cutest awkward penguin
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Congrats on the new camera. First shot I took with my new one was one of my old one. lol

I have to agree with everyone else you have a beautiful bestie and model there.

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