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Feb 27, 2009
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New York City, NY
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hi everyone! these are the very first pictures i went out and took with my new camera. i know nothing about photography, though im trying to read as much as i can on these forums and i just ordered the "understanding exposure" book so im hoping to learn as much here as i can. i also just got aperture and cs4. i don't know much about them yet haha but im trying! i think i over did it with the colors in some of these (saturation maybe?) Sorry for my lack of knowledge with all of this, but this is exactly what i came here for. thanks all! :)









oh, my camera is a nikon d40 with an 18-55mm lens.
Welcome. I'd say for a first effort, they're fine. The exposures are decent, and the compositions aren't bad, especially in #2 where you make good use of leading lines. Your next challenge will be to get your camera out of 'Auto' and start with manual and semi-auto modes.
yea try to play around with the semi auto modes, and we had clear skies on saturday so try to show that, not the pollution lol.
hey thanks for the advise! it amazes me that you can tell i was in auto mode. that's probably something very easy to tell but it amazes me as of right now lol. would you suggest a mode to start out with that might be easier than the other? i was playing with the modes that day too and i was nervous after taking one shot and it looked all yellow so i thought "ok, maybe not" lol.

and hello fellow brooklynite! i tried getting there saturday when it was really nice out but i got there as it started to get cooler and the skies were more overcast and it started to "drizzle" out. this is going to sound silly im sure, but how did you know this was taken on saturday? im sure there's a way to check out the info on the pics but when i say im new to this i mean very new lol. thanks for the advise though guys i really appreciate it! :)
I saw you there lol. j/k you can check the EXIF of the image. For example the last one has this:
Camera Model: NIKON D40
Image Date: 2009:03:07 13:01:06
Flash Used: No
Focal Length: 50.0mm (35mm equivalent: 75mm)
Exposure Time: 0.0031 s (1/320)
Aperture: f/9.0
ISO equiv: 200
White Balance: Auto
Metering Mode: Matrix
Where from brooklyn are you?
LOL i was like "OMG" when you said you saw me there before i saw the jk haha. i figured that information was somewhere but not sure where. what does exif stand for and how do i find the exif or the information on the pictures?

i live in about you?
great, thanks for all the info! i have a mac so im guessing i can't see it then...unless there's another way to view the exif from a mac. ill look into it. thanks!
great, thanks for all the info! i have a mac so im guessing i can't see it then...unless there's another way to view the exif from a mac. ill look into it. thanks!

There are lots of downloadable viewers, Google is your friend, but I'm sure Mac has the ability built in, you just need to find it.
so i figured out that you can view exif information under "preview" on a mac. its kind of annoying because i first have to have the pic on my computer, then open preview then open the pic and view the information. however, some pictures don't show up as even having the option to view it. are there ways to hide this information and is there a reason someone would do this if they do?

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