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Apr 2, 2009
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Osaka Japan
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IThese are the first pictures I took with my camera. I will NOT call them photos because I basically took these in auto mode (with the exception os setting the ISO)

I wanted to get a feel of what my camera can do, so... here they are.



3. Hard to catch the bee when it stopped

All comments are welcome.
Just cuz the pictures are tooken with auto mode, doesn't necessarily mean you can't consider them as pictures. These pictures are fairly well tooken. Nice job. Try to get the island on number 2 more parallel to the horizon. For number 3, I don't know if what you were focusing on was the bee (?) or the flowers or what. It seems very confusing. Try taking a shot where you actually capture the bee, or just take the pic without it, maybe focusing on the flower itself in a more closeup shot.

Overall good job =] Just my two cents on the dollar menu xD
I really like number 2, a bit underexposed, but still nice.

Nice try getting the time try using a faster shutter speed, and either a larger aperture and higher ISO or a combination of both.
By definition, all of these are photographs, so I wouldn't hesitate to call them that (I got into a rather long argument recently with a member who insisted that photos he didn't think were artistic were somehow not photographs, which is definitely not the definition of the word). All of us start somewhere (i.e. Auto), and there's nothing wrong with that. Be proud of your photos if you like them, even if they aren't technical marvels.

One thing you could focus (a pun!) on even when playing around in Auto is making sure you pin your focus on the subject. For the first, try to get the panda's eye in focus, and for the third, make sure you nail that bee. What kind of camera are you using? If it's an SLR, figure out how to change the focus points so you can get the camera to autofocus exactly where you want it to. This is something simple you can work on while you get the hang of the camera, and it will serve you well no matter how far you progress. If you get it down now, you'll never have to worry about posting a portrait session that you got paid for and having people tell you "nice, but you missed the focus."

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