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Mar 24, 2009
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I decided to make my first post here in the people section. Here's a couple from one of my latest shoots. If you have a critique, I'm totally happy with you laying the hard words on me.


I really like the first one. Very nice work. On the second one 1. her eyes creep me out maybe darken the iris a bit and 2. crop or ps her hands out of the shot they just distract me.
i really like the first one, it's very sultry and doesn't give too much away
i agree with the eyes on the second, not such a fan -but the flowing hair is pretty neat!
The first one is very nice. I agree with sultry.
In the second one; That one hair that crosses her face (from ear to lip on her left side) is a bit distracting. But I like her eyes.
Love the first one. Although I'm thinking a slight crop to remove that little bit of her shirt we see in the lower right.

Second one has creepy eyes. They are interesting, but creepy. I don't like the hands and I also don't like her shines a bit too much and slightly distracts.

but overall, great shots
love the first one. Got a slight need to see the top of her head but it's no biggy

the second one, is a nice shot although the high tones see to have flattened out a bit for me
The first one is very beautiful. In the second I don't like that single hair on her left cheek and her right hand (we can see only some pecies of some fingers). It was better without hands...
First one is great.

On the second one I agree with the 16ale16
Seems like the response is pretty unanimous. I'm so happy to see that everyone was so willing to say the things they didn't like. In the future, I'll keep a closer eye on things like her hands and hair in front of her face. Her eyes in color are very bright and each one is a different color, I wanted to preserve a little bit of that even in black and white.
First one is nice. I agree with ValDR

How much did you crop from the 1st one?
The first one is awsome the second just doesnt do much for me......

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