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Jun 29, 2013
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North Dakota
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I had my first senior shoot on Saturday and am finally getting to look through/do some editing. Sharing a few of my favorites so far. Feel free to share your thoughts. :)

DSC_0106 c.jpg

DSC_0048 c.jpg

DSC_0105 c.jpg
Not bad for a first go! I really like that you've shot him in a way that shows 'him', rather than yet more brick wall and/or railroad track images.

Given that the lad is the subject of the images, I'm not sure that focusing on the bow's reticle instead of his face would have been my choice. Don't forget to tidy up that fingernail!

Not especially fond of the huge expanse of blown, white sky in #2. I think better use of fill light would have allowed for a more balanced exposure, and perhaps having him look a little more toward the camera wouldn't have been bad either.

#3 has a much better sky, but it's still at least 1 1/2 stops brighter than I think it should be. I really like that you've used fill flash here, but please get it off the camera. The hot shoe is meant to hold triggers, levels, even GPS receivers. ANYTHING but a speedlight really. Unfortunately it looks like you slightly missed focus on his face.

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