First time sports: Hockey and Volleyball


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Jan 29, 2012
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Steinbach, Manitoba
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So this weekend I was assigned to shoot sports for the university newspaper. It was my first time seriously trying at sports shooting. I might be crazy, but I used my 100mm macro lens because of it's f2.8 aperture. C&C welcome.
VBall pictures look like they were taken by a fan wayyyyyyyyyyyy up in the stands. If you were 'assigned' to take pictures for the U paper, why didn't they get you access closer to the floor? Decent action shot, but not really 'good' for use in the paper. You either need to crop and enlarge, or get closer.

I like the 1st shot of hockey, except for the clipping of the feet.

#2, good action shot. Crop out they guy in the background. Too much dead space, and his just standing there takes away from the motion of the two fighting for the puck. Lighting looks 'blue' but that could be my laptop so I wouldn't take my word on WB.

#3. Not sure about it. Again with the chopped legs, chopped sticks. With the redlight in the background I'm guessing it was a goal, but with they bystander just looking on....not sure.

Keep working at it. Thanks for posting.
For the volleyball games I was stuck in the press box, the team won't let us on the floor. It's terrible. The guy in the background is the goal judge, he isn't allowed to cheer! Haha. Thanks for the comments.
Wow on the VBall team restricting photographers to the press box. Way to generate interest, by forcing the pictures to be taken in the nosebleed section.

What would they say if you bought a seat, and sat in the first row? It's not like it was sold out!:lol:
There was a photog from the free press beside me in the box with a 35mm lens. I guess he had expected to be on the sidelines. He wasn't impressed at all. Haha, for some reason the women's teams never draw big crowds. I guess I could do that. He he he.....
Volleyball, wouldn't bother shooting it, too far away. If they won't give you access then it's not worth doing, unless you have the gear to shoot it. The hockey could be cropped tighter and would look ok.

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