First Try at Food Photography


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Aug 20, 2013
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Phoenix, AZ
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This was done at a local German restaurant before they opened for lunch. Window light as the main with speedlight and large silver umbrella as the back light. Mostly just sharing but CC is always welcome.

Set Table.jpg
That's the weakest looking beer I've ever seen!

Its vodka.

I would like to have seen more DoF with higher angle to get the other plates ... or just concentrate more on one plate at a time.

I agree with the DoF. There was plenty of light and it was shot on a tripod so no reason not to. I shot it with a short DoF on purpose because i thought that would be best. In hindsight I should have shot it at multiple f-stops so i could have my pick. This wasn't a paid shoot so I won't worry about it too much and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
I would have the knife turning in towards the plate on the setting closest to the camera, just like the other two.
And I have to agree about that beer. Every time someone mentiones a German restaurant the first thing they talk about is the beer.

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