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Fisheye/ Wide angle lens,


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Dec 6, 2011
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I was looking into a super wide angle lens and i realized that your pretty much looking to spend 600+, i was wondering if there was anything decent in the like a price range of 200$? . Also what are some must have filters o_O like UV and polarizing.
google "zenitar"

just remember you get what you pay for.
Even $600 doesn't get you much in the UWA world. It will probably get you a used one if you search Craig's List, eBay, etc, but that's about it. As 2Wheel indicated, there are a few cheaper ones (Rokinon is another name), but... caveat emptor!

As far as filters go, it really depends what you're doing. IMO, UV filters are pointless since every consumer DSLR already has a UV filter built into it. Some argue that they're useful for protecting the lens. That's a Ford/Chevy debate, and I'm NOT a fan of putting anything in front of my lens that doesn't contribute to the final image.

A circular polarizer is a must-have if you're doing out-door/landscape work, and I also carry a set of neutral density and graduated neutral density filters. These allow you "block" some of the light coming through the lens so that you can acheive a longer shutter-speed or reduce the dynamic range of a scene to avoid blowing out skies when you have a dark foreground.
The Sigma 8-16 is in the $600 range. Any lens for $200 is most likely going to leave something to be desired.

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Keep in mind: Fisheye and wide-angle are generally referring to different types of lenses. Wide-angles usually render straight lines straight. Not so with fisheyes.
why are fisheyes so expensive uhg >.<
why are fisheyes so expensive uhg >.<

Same reason super-telephotos can cost as much as a compact car: Small market segment, so the lenses don't enjoy the economy of mass production as much.
strange cuz fisheye seem popular.
For $250, Opteka has a 6.5mm fisheye!

If'n ya want a circular.

Otherwise, there's the Vivitar 7mm/Samyang/Bower/Opteka/Bell & Howell/Rokinon/Falcon 8mm
is it just a better idea to save up for a 600$ piece of glass?

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