For Sale: Photogenic Studio Max III strobe lighting set.


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Feb 11, 2011
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Chester County
For Sale:

Complete strobe photography studio lighting kit. Purchased new in March of 2012 from Memphis Photo Supply in Memphis, TN. Used less than 5 times in studio. Bought these for my wife's new photography business. However, she's always preferred natural lighting and thus 90 percent of her sessions are performed outside or under other natural lighting conditions. Simply can't justify keeping $1800.00 dollars worth of studio equipment.

I did place this on eBay under my username: br3ktw ( I can provide the eBay link for the ad, if the forum rules allow for that). However, I'd like to get it in front of actual photographers so that's why I chose to place an ad here. On eBay I am asking $1149.00 OBO plus $60.00 for shipping. Note my shipping fee is only what I estimated it to be. I assume after packaging and paying for shipping I'll likely be over that, so it seems like a fair amount to me. I am realistic and accept that I probably won't get exactly what I am asking so message me and we can work on a price together.

Items included are as follows:

1 ea. Photogenic Studio Max III 320 strobe light with adjustable stand. Includes Photogenic soft box. Soft box measures 22"X30"

1 ea. Photogenic Studio Max III 320 strobe light with stand. Includes Photogenic umbrella rig. Umbrella measures 40" across

1 ea. Photogenic Studio Max III 160 strobe back/ fill light with adjustable stand.

1 ea. Photogenic Studio Photography heavy duty rolling travel case.

Also includes the following items:
1 extra $60.00 flash strobe NIB
3 $10.00 model light bulbs NIB.

Also comes with a pretty basic flash trigger system with hot shoe control for camera mount. I think we paid about $90.00 for this trigger so like I said it is pretty basic.

If purchased new with the extras the costs are approaching $2000.00.

They are promised to be in excellent physical and working condition.

If you have any questions please message me or leave replies in the ad and I will respond promptly.

I will only ship insured with signature on delivery.

Also willing to accept local pick up.

Priced to sell quickly so that I can get them packed and moved.


Photogenic is one of the oldest, American-made brands of studio flash. I used to work for a studio that used nothing but Photogenic lighting equipment. It was REALLY tough stuff! This series of monolights has at its core an unfortunate design ethos that makes it look cheap...these are very ugly-looking lights, which is something the Photogenic Machine Company was always known for--really UGLY styling, on basically, everything they ever made. Photogenic is a brand name known mostly to older professionals...over the last 25 years, big ad campaigns from Paul C. Buff and his White Lightning, and later, Alien Bee, and now Einstein lights, have really caught the public eye. Photogenic has slipped from #2, behind Speedotron, down to probably # XX (?) in studio flash brand recognition. Speedotron and Photogenic have been making lights since, gosh, before World War II...but they have HORRIBLE promotion and advertising.

It's not's the look of the lights, and the lack of brand familiarity.

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