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Jul 30, 2012
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I have been second shooting a lot lately and have booked a few of my own weddings and I have noticed that there is this "rule" vendors follow of wearing all black.

I hate wearing all black, I think it shows no style or personality. I typically will wear a Ralph Lauren polo, blue, green, or whatever color with black shoes and black or grey pants.

Also when it is 90 degrees out like now I will wear a short sleeve polo or button down, again, colored or grey, is this acceptable?

I am just curious where the rule of all black came from and do you guys follow it?
never heard of that before.
never been to a venue that required anything more than "business casual" for the photographers, and ive never heard anything about color specific.
we're the photographers. not like we are going to be in the pictures. we just need to look tidy and professional.
All white? :)
Do whatever the venue requires or makes the bride happy.
I hate wearing all black, I think it shows no style or personality.

You are not at the event to make a fashion statement you are there to photograph.

I am just curious where the rule of all black came from and do you guys follow it?

There is no rule that you must be dressed in black. The purpose behind wearing black or dark clothing is to not draw unneeded attention to yourself.
I know I'm not there for a fashion statement, if you go to an office job everyday do you care about what you wear? Or out to dinner?

It's about self impression, don't be ridiculous
As long as it's not something so 'loud' that it would attract attention on it's own...then I'd be OK with it. I will often have a suit jacket handy...or maybe start out wearing it...but it comes off pretty quick. Same thing for a Tie...I'll wear one to show that I'm respecting their 'formal' occasion...but if it becomes a bother (and thus a hindrance to doing my best) then it comes off too. Following that line of thinking...I'd probably be shooting without pants...:er:

For me, the one that I go back and forth on, is shoes. I do think that it gives a good impression if you're wearing nice shoes (not fancy, just good quality, not dirty etc.)....but seeing as you may be on your feet for a very long day...I'll usually go for the lightest, most comfortable pair of shoes I own (light duty hiking shoes) rather than formal. If I did this more, I'd shell out for a really comfortable pair of 'formal' shoes.
Either way, custom insole are a life saver.
I've never had a venue tell me what we had to wear. Their staff usually follows their dress code though.

My studio used to require suits, hated it. They've relaxed a bit though, indoors its shirt and tie. Outdoors they allow short sleeve dress shirts and no tie.

Shoes are huge, I have to wear dress shoes but I go with a pair of Kenneth Cole loafers. Much more comfortable but still have a dress shoe look.
you want to wear a polo shirt to a wedding? is it plaid :) you are hired by the couple so you should dress the way the boss wants you to dress just like most every other company.
Black doesn't bounce a lot of light or a color cast onto what you are photographing. That's why. Also. A white shirt with a black blazer comes in handy. This is what me and my team is wearing just in case I need something to bounce light off of. It works.
I have speedlites and reflectors, I don't need to use my shirt haha. I heard of a budget but wow,
You do what you got to do when assistants are not in the right place when the bride and groom are walking down the aisle at me.
I wear dress casual, but almost always a Tie. In the summer, no coat unless I am in a church that I know to be a bit more conservative. I want to blend in with the guests.

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