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Mar 18, 2013
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What to say... I was kind of bored and still being new to photography I wanted to try lighting an object to create a very pure and simplistic photo. My professional equipment was limited to two desk lamps ;)
I think I should set it as a wallpaper on my computer at work, it has a very soothing effect. So if your pulse dropped by quite a bit after looking at the picture, let me know, my work was successful then.
Edit: Is it normal that the colors in the preview image are completely different from the picture you see when you click on it?

This is pretty neat for just a couple of desk lamps. Is that Milk?

What are you shooting it against? Paper of some kind?

Kind of dig this :)
I think it would be quite a bit more striking if the edges of the leaf were sharp, but I definitely like the idea. It's cool to get a good product with such a high-grade lighting set-up. I wish I had your imagination
Thanks for the comments. I was wondering about the edges too. I almost went back to shoot it with a smaller aperture, but the setup was kind of... fragile.
the setup included:
A white dirty desk; two desk lamps (one about 50% more powerful than the other...) positioned and held in place at awkward angles by one chair and two water bottles; A spoonful of whole milk (no fat-free, doesn't taste good); A cheese grater for holding the leaf at the proper angle; Two chairs, each supporting one leg of a tripod to prevent it from slipping while it was leaning against the desk at a 45 degree angle in order to get closer to the subject.
Perhaps I should've posted a picture of THAT instead ;)
I really like the shot and especially the crazy setup you had going on haha. Sounds like quite the rigging job lol. And I agree its whole milk or nothing :p

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