1. C

    Wrong hour on lightroom

    Hello everyone! I am renaming my photos automatically with the time of the shooting - days, hours, minutes and seconds included. For some reason, my file names aren't okay for one detail : the hours are delayed and appear 2 hours too early. Let's say that it is 5:06 PM, my photos will be named...
  2. Carla Seals

    How did you start your family/child Photography business? Opinions on photos and pricing help.

    I've always loved photography and just buckled down to get my first camera! I purchased an entry level Nikon z5 and have the the 24mm-50mm lens kit, and also just purchased the 85mm 1.8 lens. I've watched video after video on how to improve my photos and on editing flow but I have found its just...
  3. R

    Lightroom Classic CC questions

    I am considering getting this, but since my current version was the last one with perpetual license, i.e. it asked me to install CC instead aka LR6. I've been out of the loop since Does this allow for editing regardless of internet or not? Will the trial overwrite my current installation? I...
  4. P

    How To Create a Timelapse Video using a DSLR, LRTimelapse, Lightroom & Final Cut Pro X

    I put together a quick tutorial detailing how I capture and edit a timelapse video using my Canon 1DX, LRTimelapse, Lightroom and Final Cut:
  5. D

    PortraitPro Return from Plugin Issue

    So when I export my images from LR into PortraitPro, the Studio version or the Studio Max version, it comes back into LR all messed up. I have a huge gallery to return and I am getting no help from CS. It happens on my older computer and my brand new one so it's not a hardware issue like I...
  6. H

    Loupedeck + photo editing keyboard, super clean in box!!! $190

    I'm selling my Loupedeck+. I’ve only used it a handful of times. If you’re processing a lot of Lightroom phot’s this is a must have!!! This is the updated model the + I guess it’s compatible with other software. Sells new for $249 from BH photo. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have...
  7. Destin

    How I edited a SOOC jpeg from my X-T3

    I got a request from a member of a facebook photography group I'm in to do a video on how I edited this photo. Since I took the time to throw the video together, I thought I'd go ahead and share it here in case anyone is interested. This follows my workflow through Lightroom from beginning to...
  8. redbourn

    Felt overwhelmed by camera LR PS and lighting

    Haven't posted for a few months because I felt overwhelmed with trying to learn so many things at the same time. In the meantime I did some lighting tutorials, learned more about how to use my D3300 and also did PS and LR tutorials and tried to take on board all the tips that I got here...
  9. H

    What does K mean in Lightroom? How do I resize my photo to mb's?

    I need to resize my photos to 36mb. I only have access to lightroom at the moment. How do I do this?
  10. alex_ethridge

    Calling all Lightroom professionals!

    Me again! I have finally grasped Lightroom, but only the basics. I am slowly but surely figuring out all the tools and processes but I know I have barely scratched the surface. I can't wait to learn more about Light room and what all it can do. I have just learned how to fix photos that I would...
  11. nerwin

    Lightroom partnered with Skynet

    Clickbait? Possibly. Seriously though, Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC was updated this morning and it now uses Adobe Sensei when clicking the auto button when editing your photos. It uses machine learning to give the best adjustments to your images. One thing that I am a little confused...
  12. MBestPhoto

    Considering making switch to Lightroom CC - my first experiences.

    Hey all, wrote an article about my initial experiences switching over from Lightroom Classic to the new cloud-based Lightroom CC. It would be interesting to hear people's experience... <Link Removed>
  13. S

    Lightroom not exporting the exif data

    Lightroom is driving me crazy right now! I had to import a few thousand photos and so I made a temporary Lightroom catalog to work from. I then sorted my photos and started exporting them and placing them in the correct catalogs and into my Photos app libraries. Everything looks good until I...
  14. gossamer

    Which filter was used here?

    Hi, I'm a relative photoshop/lightroom novice who uses my D500 and a nice 24-70mm to take pictures of people, mostly as a hobby. I recently shot a woman for her yoga business, and would like to make the pictures look warmer. Would someone suggest a photoshop/lightroom filter that would be...
  15. gossamer

    Combining multiple exposures/images

    Hi, I'm an avid amateur photographer and photoshop enthusiast but not very experienced. I have a D500 and was experimenting with the "Multiple exposures" option in the camera that allows you to combine multiple pictures automatically. I was using this feature in preparation of a photoshoot...
  16. T

    Editing Software & Simple Lens Question - Complete Beginner

    Good afternoon all and thank you very much for welcoming me into your community. I have just started out (2-3 months) with a Nikon D3300 purchased by my lovely wife as wedding present and I am thoroughly enjoying learning to take better pictures. I doubt it very much it will ever be a business...
  17. HeldInTheMoment

    Lightroom 6 Question -- Reports?

    Hey All, So I am trying to further streamline my workflow and my wife had a great idea. When I mark photos in Lr to be deleted, can I generate a report/list of those photos? I then would like to delete the JPEG counter-parts of those photos. Right now I am hand-writing each photo number, but a...
  18. stefanolomby

    Beginner to forum but not photography!

    Hi everyone, I am 18 and I have a passion for photography like I'm sure most of you do. Although my career won't be in photography I will do this on a regular basis. I am a landscape/cityscape photographer. I have recently bought Lightroom and have been learning how to use it. I have got some...
  19. F

    What is the best facial recognition software

    I suffered a cyber attack and lost all the metadata for my entire set of photos. I am working with a company to recover the files but need to reconstruct who is on the files using facial recognition software. What is the best software for the job? The number of recovered files is massive --...
  20. Peakapot

    First attempt at lightroom

    Heres a few photos i have edited in Lightroom. I just finished the shaw academy Lightroom diploma which i highly recommend if anyone is interested. Here are a few of my images. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions on how i can improve these photos is welcomed. Regards Dan