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    The idea of this project has appeared at me about two years ago. I have thought, and why a frame should be simply a frame. It can be also a work of art and to have the author(s), as well as a picture which it frames.

    Further there was in May a meeting with sculptor Sergey Ermakov from Kiev. Discussion of the first sketches.

    Have stopped on idea, that the picture is a stage. And a frame it that surrounds this stage - that is theatre.

    The theatre is enter, a curtain, scene, backstage, an orchestra. Sergey has expressed this idea first in pictures, based in my ballet photos. And then he has embodied it in modeling clay.

    In October I have arrived to Kiev and divided all my evening time between the Ukrainian National Ballet and Sergey's studio.

    Three weeks we made silicon’s forms from these models. We did trial molding. And then, I have taken away these forms to Germany.

    It was about two weeks preparation for molding. Preparation of a workplace, a vibration’s small table, tools for after molding processing, etc.

    And here casting of reliefs is finished. A following step will be gilding and silvering. This photo represents preparation for gilding. It’s a preliminary first coat (red) before gilding and silvering.

    I shall try to publish photos of various stages of work till end.



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    Neat, but this goes in Creativiy forum. =/

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