FS - Nikon Nikkor 70-200mm ƒ2.8G VR


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Mar 13, 2011
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Hi, I'm selling my 70-200mm. I really hate to see it go but I am really tight on cash right now and I'm going to have to let this, plus several other lenses, go. This lens, like all of my other lenses, has been babied and is in excellent used condition, as you can see in the photos. There is not a single scratch on the glass. I put a UV filter on it the day I got it and it came off only for cleaning. The body overall is also in excellent shape. There is a hairline scratch on the metal badge, but that is pretty much it. See for yourself in the pictures!

FS - Nikkor 70-200mm

I'm asking for $1,350. I can also consider any trades if you want.

You can PM me or email me at [email protected]
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Trade 80-200?
I'm new to this forum. I would have been interested in your 70-200 lens. How often does one like yours go up for sale on here?
Thanks in advance,
Robert, depending on the condition of the lens, they can go for anywhere from a little over a grand to around $1450 for one in pristine condition. I purchased mine via a similar forum about 18 months ago, and I paid $1500 shipped.

Good luck finding your lens...
Ok. Thanks for the info. I guess it is wise to shop around and not get into a big hurry. What is your main camera? I've been looking at lens first before plunking down money on a body first. I think I want to sort of have an idea of what's going to go with what. And of course money is a factor. No use getting the latest camera body without having decent glass.
Sounds like you have your priorities straight. Get whichever body you want, then upgrade after you have built up a good lens collection. If you plan on going to full-frame, don't buy DX lenses. That way you won't have to replace lenses when you upgrade to a body like the D700, D800, etc.

It's safe to assume that the D700 is jamesbjenkins' main body.

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