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Discussion in 'Mirrorless Cameras' started by Elkhunter, Sep 10, 2017.

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    That is also the domain of the photographer, not the equipment.

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    This may or may-not, (see how I cleverly covered all bases ...), be what you're seeing/asking about. Sony uses a standard Bayer CFA and Fuji uses a proprietary X-Trans CFA. Depending on your eye, the differences in RAW images can be significant or insignificant. To my eye, X-Trans looks more like film than Bayer, but it is a subtle difference. As most regard Fuji's SOOC JPEGs to be one of the best, in-camera software may also play a role in the difference between X-Trans images and other camera systems images.
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    hi have moved from mirrorless to Dslr. use to have Sony a7 and then xt-20 and now Nikon d600.
    I am just a gadget freak and like to change time by time.
    Sony a7 altho a full frame sensor, but doesn't perform very well at high iso. I get plenty of colour banding (purple) at high iso plus the lens are extremely expensive

    xt-20 is a good camera with a modern sensor with less purple noise at high iso. however at lower iso, the a7 will be sharper.

    the best thing about mirrorless is that all the lens will be calibrated and you will get sharp images. Since I have moved to Nikon d600, I am having a lot of problems with different lens calibration...I even sent my camera for a fix and still struggling to get pin sharp images with the setup.
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