Fun with the Ghetto Ring Light™

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Mar 20, 2008
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My friend Angie was celebrating her birthday and ordered me to break out the camera. I have a Ghetto Ring Light™ I haven't played with in forever, so I figured it was a good opportunity to try it with the 5D MKII.

Shug & Meg:

Angie & Tabitha:
The expressions in #2 are good, but #1 only the guy on the left is giving anything, so it kinda take away from the pic a little. I know you cant help that...

However, im curious about this ghetto ring...
Flickr Page said:
This was made with a 10" aluminum light from Lowes.

I cut the light fixture (about 1" diameter) from the middle and measured for a 4" diameter PVC pipe. I then cut the remaining aluminum back towards the marked diameter line to create four tabs. Then I cut a rectangle out to fit in my flash. Placed the PVC pip into the center of the light and taped it with aluminum foil tape. Bent the tabs up and inward into the PVC tubing and then hammered them flat. Covered the tabs with aluminum tape to prevent injury.

Covered the light fixture with a 12" x 12" sheet of velum, super glued to the center PVC tubing. Cut out the center hole then trimmed the velum. Electrical tape around the outside of the light to hold the velum and prevent leakage.

Test before securing the velum.

On the above posts' shots the top coverage wasn't very good, but that's because it just sits on the light and the light was pretty far into the bowl. I need to make a bracket so I can use something like my 580EX II in there for more power.
That looks a lot like the one I built as a ring flash.


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