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Mar 16, 2010
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Southern Alberta
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So went out for a 5am sunrise trek the other morning. Taking random shots of things. Shot this old barn. Anyways I have a picture of it posted on my webpage because its my blog blah blah blah. Anyways long story short. A friend says too me "So you took a picture of our old barn hey, mind if I get it printed out at walmart, its a nice picture I want to take a copy home with me to put on the wall." Me........ um sure, its your barn. Just curious as to what you guys would have said differently. I mean really I wasn't trespassing. Just took the picture from the road. If I had gotten permission from her dad ahead of time would there have been a different option available too me.


Anyways one other quick question. Uploaded this to my flickr/facebook accounts and colors stayed true to edits on my screen but on my webblog it went slightly muddy. Any thoughts on that? I know thats a pretty random shot in the dark. As always C&C is always appreciated and accepted gratiously.
Was she cute? If she was you should have exchanged it for her phone number. If she wasnt you should have ran away.

Just joking, in all seriousness I would have went there with a print and said here you go sir I took this picture from the road just yesterday and your daughter/wife said she liked it. Thought I would stop by and deliver it personally and also get your opinion about it.

I don't know something cheesy like that.

I just noticed you were a woman, so I look like an idiot and a pig, my apologies.
Lol that's ok and not a bad idea. I had no idea who the barn belonged too. I randomly drive around taking pictures of all sorts of things but I like that idea. Then at least I can sign my name in the corner or something.
yeah definately thats a great idea. If at all possible since I am at work I can't post the photo but check out my Flickr, I have a picture of an inukshuk from the olympics and I got my VDBphotography sig in the bottem right hand corner. If I were you I would put the sig in the bottem right in scripted white lettering. Good luck!
Taking pictures from the road... perfectly fine.
Taking great pictures from the side of the road... awesome.
Having the owner exclaim that he wants a copy because it looks good... even better.

Mwcfarms in my opinion you handle the situation fine. Just as long as you made it clear you were not trespassing your in the clear. Personally I would take what he said a complement. lol just my two cents.
Checked it out, nice pictures too. I guess I should really start applying that bloody copyright to all images posted. :blushing::blushing:
... I would have went there with a print and said here you go sir I took this picture from the road just yesterday ...

Funny... this exact situation happened to me a few years back... I was still shooting film back then, a Canon Elan II, (digital was not available at that time). I seem to have lost the image over the years so I can't post it... Although, it is hanging on a wall at my parents house.

I had an 8x10 of the image printed and brought it to the owners of the farmhouse/barn. I think that the family appreciated the gesture...
Yeah I definately would I mean if somebody took the time out of their day and took a picture of my property like this. Without trespassing ofcourse, and then printed it out and handed it to me. I would definately appreciate such a nice gesture.
That barn is a disappearing part of history. I don't know about Alberta, but down here in Connecticut, barns like that are disappearing. Between fires, sub developments and general neglect, you just don't see them that frequently. I can think of two in a five mile radius that literally rotted into the ground since I was born.

As for why it looks funny on your blog, my guess would be some kind of compression issue.
Come to my house for a visit ben. This barn is one of many within a 5 mile radius. We have em aplenty. And for some reason I love these pictures.

I wish I knew why on the blog it compressed it. Its the only photo it was super noticable in. Maybe I should go back and check the others.

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