I know what you mean. it's down to 32C here today - bloody freezing! Time to dig out the long sleeved shirts I think....
ooh ooh ooh can I be on that list?
And then there was upstate New has been in the lower 40's ( Fahrenheit ) but it looks like it is going to get cold soon. I just checked, it is 27F, yup, it is going to get cold.
I've been saying for weeks how its still too warm for november and now its freezing cold and im all like AAAAAAARGH - especially seeing as my bathroom doesnt have a heater in it!

I need to invest in a space heater or something. I used to have one but it decided not to work anymore. Which was nice.
The weather man said on my tv today that its supposed to be in the 80s for thanksgiving... =]

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