Going to spain, new gear needed


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Sep 2, 2010
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Ok so i've planned a vacation to spain and will be staying at a resort near the beach. Last year i went to old Quebec city and montreal and brought with me my micro 105 vr, 18-55 and 35 1.8. I pretty much used the 18-55 exclusively set at 18mm for inside of churches. the 105 got no use and the 35 only got pulled out at night time. I brought along my 190xpro B with a head and brought it along on trips as well but i barely used it. JUST WAAAAAAY TOO HEAVY and impractical. This year i am taking with my a sigma 10-20 4-5.6 and the 35 1.8 again. I would like to purchase a new tripod that is lighter and much smaller, I am looking at the 732yb manfrotto. I've looked at it in the store and was not impressed by build quality BUT its LIGHT and SMALL, i also don't need the thing to be rock steady, wont be using it with a telephoto. I also looked that the 390 series and i like them alot but its more $$$ and more weight. The other thing i am considering is possibly buying a 55-200vr or a 70-300G non vr for telephoto, i have a 80-200 2.8 but its waaay too heavy for vacation.

So what am i looking for:

-any thoughts on the 7320 manfrotto tripods or something else i should look at in the same price range, weight and size are KEY considerations, i may be using this tripod on the beach for some long exposures.
-any thoughts on the 70-300g non vr?
-is there any attachment that can let me use a sling bag's strap as camera strap? something similar to the connector or the black rapid system but to be used on a sling bag, not sure if i am going to bring along my lowpro (110?) sling bag or just a regular messenger bag.
-I am also considering some new filters, i have a high quality 77mm polarizer and am now also looking at a good high stop ND filter or a fader.

I am trying to have a budget of about 350, I'd love to buy used but i just cant seem to find used filters.

i am also open to other suggestions, maybe lens suggestions for travel?
Suggestion 1: Get yourself in better shape. ;)

Suggestion 2: Increase your budget.

Seriously, you're considering buying/taking something like the 55-200 over the 80-200 because the latter is too heavy????? If you're just after good-quality holiday snapshots, than consdier buying something like the Canon G12. A little pricey for stated budget, but it's high-quality, light, and portable.

If you want travel photographs, then you need to be willing to "suffer" with the fact that your gear is going to weigh a bit (In the UAE, 2008 - total gear weight ~45#, average temp 135F) . I would take the 18-55 and the 80-200. Leave the primes at home. Invest in a good backpack bag (NOT a sling) and a good travel tripod, something like the Manfrotto 055 in CF with a 068 head. Spend some time on Craig's List and similar 'sites, bags and tripods are great deals on the used market.
already on your first suggestions :)
i used to BOX but gave up on it for a year now. Gained a crap load of weight but I am getting back into shape, running 3miles a day 5 times a week and the 6th day about 2 miles on an eliptical. 15min ab workout then 15 heavy weights. I am hoping to take off about 20#'s before i am off.

I've been looking at some online sites and some pro's took their 80-200's or 70-200's while some took just the 18-200. I dont have either the 18-55 nor do i have the 55-200 nemore, sold them both off with a d5000. I am definitely considering taking the 80-200 2.8 after some gallery views but no way in hell am i dragging the 190x prob B again. I am tempted to buy another 18-55 but i normally stick to the 35mm 1.8 especially more so now since i have a dedicated uwa that i can use indoors (10-20 sigma.)
As for backpack i've also got a lowepro flipside 210 which is what i took to Montreal and Quebec, just found it to be somewhat of a nuisance, it fit everything perfectly in it but getting to the gear, as with any backpack is a pita, So i prefer the sling design, bought the largest and the smallest slings instead.

I've been looking at a 17-55 2.8 from nikon but spending close to a $1000 on a dx lens at the moment is just waaaaay too much for me, although it would be a perfect addition. I cant seem to find an off brand 17-50 2.8 used at a decent price lately either.

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