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Apr 20, 2013
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Buford Ga
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So i went out and did a remodel of my deck ,
Took the steel post away ,replaced with wood.& lattice

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Just 6 ft. Tools of the trade per say .
Just 6 ft.
Yeah, but doesn't the lattice come in 8' panels? With the above and below showing, that'd be one hell of a fall from your deck. :biggrin:

Because the missus wants one :roll: , I'm drawing up plans to incoporate a hot tub with the current decking. I want it flush and she wants to have to step up and over into it. There's about a 12' drop from the deck to ground level and about a 5-8° slope from front to back.
The deck is the dogs domain ,its there play room ,We have 8 dogs that are spoiled by the wife .We dont go onto the deck much at all.

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