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Jun 19, 2013
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This Thread is to post analog photography with expired films and experimental photos like overexposures.

$second002 web.jpg

Canon EOS 300
KODAK 400 - expired 2003, used in 2012
Hi Filipe, welcome to the forum. Maybe you can write a few words about yourself as a introduction ?
Nice idea.

My brother-in-law gave me his Pentax Spotmatic a couple of months ago. He hadn't shot it in about 20 years and had no interest in film anymore, so he just handed me the whole kit. Turns out there was film in it. He didn't remember what it was and I had no way of knowing what speed film it was, if it was color or b&w, so I just finished shooting the roll and then waited to see what came out.

Here's the best of the bunch:

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13 years out of date Ektar 100, all b+w shots developed in Rodinal and shot on Leica M4's




26 years out of date Tri x



20 years out of date Kodachrome developed in Rodinal

Very nice! It seems the color saturation on the Ektar just gets more intense than it already is fresh. Love the last picture of the dog. He looks so happy!
First of all I am very happy with the good photos that you all are sharing.

About the introduction, i'm from Lisbon, Portugal and i will finish this month the graduation in Graphic Design at the Caldas da Rainha’s School of Fine Arts and Design.
In the second year of the graduation we had Photography, and i started more seriously. In summer of 2012 i bought a analog camera (Canon EOS 300) month before to went Cape Verde, (Africa) with my mother that was born there. To the Internet i publish the photography taken in Portugal that i used to practice before went to Cape Verde, the photos from there i don't want to publish in Internet, i'm making a book that i want to publish.
Recently i started a tumblr with the name "Grain and Noise", but in portuguese (Grão e Ruído)
Sorry for my bad English. And you are free to correct me, i will thank you for that.

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Alameda - Lisbon
In this forum i pretend share the photos first with you all than in the tumblr.
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Bem vindo! Eu nasceu em Nova Iorque mas os meus pais são portugueses. Tambem, eu vivia em Portugal por dois anos - no Minho, onde a minha mãe cresceu.
You're English is good. A lot better than my Portuguese. I like your first shot. It looks like what a lot of people are mimicking. A double exposure look. Cool stuff.

Welcome to the forum!
Thank you.
Limr, por acaso reparei na assinatura da tua foto, Leonor Rodrigues é bastante português.
Limr, the first time i saw your photos I realize in your signature, that the name are very portuguese.

probably the film are Fuji 100 with about 5-7 years expired
photo in Lisbon urban train

The best films that i used was Fuji Superia 100 and the AGFA 100 that have a nice colors.
All expired films.

$agfa 2050_1 webversion.jpg
Agfa 100
City São Pedro, Island of São Vicente - Cape Verde
Washed-off Polaroid negatives. Actually, the film is Fuji. I'm so used to calling them "Polaroids" even though they don't make the film anymore.

$Lamps negative.jpg

$Wheelbarrow negative.jpg
i liked the wheelbarrow, have good colors with a good contrast.

Very nice! It seems the color saturation on the Ektar just gets more intense than it already is fresh. Love the last picture of the dog. He looks so happy!

He's my best mate
No doubt. At some point I will be able to join in to. I have in the freezer 100' of Agfa APX 100 (original) which is expired by 5-6 years. Wait for me another 4-5 years while the film will ripe properly.
On the other hand finally some official defiance to that fraction of the forum who goes "by the book" only.
Now if only I can get my hands on some expired real Polaroid film for my 100! Well, let me rephrase: if only I can get my hands on some affordable expired real Polaroid film. I've been checking around and it seems people think it's okay to charge $50 for one pack of film.

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