greetings from San Jo0se California


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Jan 10, 2023
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San Jose, California
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i'm excited to become apart of this community of photographers and artists! looking to meet people of all walks of life, and to gain insight and understanding of digital SLR photography. would love to collaborate sometime feel free to message me with any questions about me and we can share each other's passion for our craft.


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Nice pic of the Space Needle.

Hope you are OK in all the RAIN.
I'm up mid-peninsula, San Mateo.
Welcome to TPF! I'm looking forward to seeing your work. :) Please check out our Photo Galleries and post your photos for us! It's a great way to get feedback and meet your fellow TPF members.

Keep posting and have fun!
Welcome and enjoy for forum. SLR? Film or digital?
Greetings from the SW...
Hope to learn well!
Welcome. I have tried many times to switch to digital but keep going back to film. I just like it better. I do still shoot digital and will continue to as even with the resurgence of film I’m really not sure how much longer it will last and be affordable. For many it is already not affordable. Good luck with your move to digital and look forward to viewing your work.

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