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Mar 20, 2006
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How's everyone doing? I am Tony. I live in Pittsburgh. I recieved my fisrt camera as a gift this past Chrsitmas. It a Kodak Z700. Tried to tell my mom to get a better camera and not get the easyshare photodock, but her and technology dont go well together.

Its not a bad little unit, has manual adjustment for focal length, apperture size, and shutter speed. Bought a 2x telephoto lens from ebay with a lens adapter that didnt quit fit so I modified it slightly. Works well.

I mainly joined to get feedback from my pics. I am just starting out with photography and am always open to suggestion, especially from people who know more than I do. I like this hobby so far. Kind of an art form if thats what you want to get out of it.

Thats enough of this. Lets get to some pictures.
hello. welcome to the forum
Hey Buntz, welcome to TPF.
Welcome to TPF! We all know it's not the gear, it's how you use it. ;)

Hope to see your pictures out there in the galleries! :)
Welcome to TPF, Tony! :D

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