Hallelujah! I bought a DSLR! +1 for CnC


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Apr 15, 2010
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OMG, I can't believe this day has arrived!
I finally went camera shopping. My budget was low, but I still wanted a good entry level camera.
So, long story short, I got me a Cannon 450D kit! Yay!! No more comments about the low quality of the image!

I have so much to learn, I'm very excited. But in the meantime, here's my first post of a pic taken w/ my new toy:
(The sky is a bit blown out, I know. I cropped most of it out.)

Is it just me or is the cabin OOF?

Oh yes, congratulations! I know how excited you get when you bring home your first DSLR!
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Congrats on your new camera!
Congrats! New gear = GOOD!!!! I agree with the above, I think you may have missed the focus on the cabin, but that's the beauty of shooting digital; the film is cheap! Read your manual, then read it again, and in between, shoot lots!
Congrats on your new camera.
The 450D was my first SLR! Have fun with it! You'll learn more as you go. At least you're taking pictures. I know people with a new SLR and they wait for a birthday party to use it! :er:
congrats on your camera. I agree with the overexposed, but it also needs some levels/contrast adjustment. Would probably have been good for HDR, since the cabin area looks a little underexposed to me on this laptop screen.
Thanks all for your comments. I am indeed reading the manual, but it takes so long - with every sentence I read I take another picture :)

I don't think these are the cabins from Dirty Dancing since they are located in Israel :sexywink:

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