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    I live in London, UK. My family all live in northern California. I started posting snapshots of my holidays online so that my family could see what I was getting up to. I started with a 1.5 megapixel Fuji and a 56k modem. Needless to say, the shots I posted were very small and pixelated.

    Over the years, I've invested in better and better cameras. I'd like to think my photographs are getting better, too, but I still class them as "happy snaps" because they are mainly taken to record a moment.

    The closest I get to "art" is when I decide a shot is worthy of becoming a Desktop photograph. If they last more than a day, I feel like it's okay. Desktop photos have to stand up to being good backgrounds for my day-to-day work. Here is an example of what I consider to be a good Desktop background photo:


    These other links are just happy snaps:




    Thing is, they took so much time to put online, it would be nice if someone besides me had a look! :lol:



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