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Nov 12, 2011
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Has anyone else noticed that there are virtually no Nikon bodies to be had? B&H, Adorama, Midwest, and a local store have virtually none. B&H only shows the D3000, D3100, and D5100. No D3s, D3x, D700, D300, D7000, D90 at all. Adorama is much the same. I called Midwest Photo Exchange to see if they had a D7000 and he said that they were on backorder and were expected "Soon".

I also read on another forum that the D4 delivery has been moved up to March 22 (Here's The Link but it's all in Japanese and was translated on the other forum I frequent).
it's been like this pretty much since the Tsunami in Japan and flooding in Thailand...Keeping prices high where you can find what you want.
I've been trying to find a new D7000 for the past month and only Sears has it...but I don't want it that bad!
I thought the same thing at first, and I know that some of Nikon's factories got slammed, but I thought they had all of that resolved. There didn't seem to be a shortage around Christmas, or parhaps I just didn't notice it. Oddly Cannon bodies are available.
Canon's camera plants weren't hurt by the Tsunami like Nikon was. Nikon was hit HARD in it's production of DSLR's in Thailand. At Christmas we were using up the stock that had been produced before the Tsunami and there was a limited shipment that went out in November. Nikon got nailed hard in both Japan and Thailand-the quake and the Tsunami both nailed Nikon camera plants. As of December 1 Nikon had re-started LIMITED production of DSLR's and does not expect to recover to full capacity until the end of March.
WHEN they are recovered, they have a LOT to make up to get stock back up to normal levels. That's going to take some time.
I've been trying to find a new D7000 for the past month and only Sears has it...but I don't want it that bad!

I'd rather shoot with a broken cardboard pinhole box than purchase from sears
Prices are out there. I also think that EVERY TIME I have bought something electronic through Sears there's been a problem... Damage in handling is usually the cause.
i am selling one of my d7000 if you are interested.
Well, whatever is going on it sure isn't going to help their 1st quarter 2012 numbers if nobody has items to sell. I guess MLeek is right in that they were selling off their stock up to now but I'm surprised they had enough onhand to get them through the Christmas rush. Personally I'm in no hurry since I've got two but there are a lot of people looking to spend their tax refunds right now. If no Nikon bodies are available a lot of them will go with Canon.

Actually, ghache, a D7000 is what I'm looking for since I plan to stick with the DX sensor but I'd prefer a new one.
that Nikon sucks? lol (just messin)
Nikon or Canon, it's all in what you are accustomed to and what you prefer. They are both equal in my opinion with the difference coming from the mind behind the camera.

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