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Jul 14, 2005
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Found this in the freaky (almost) ghost town of Keeler. This was just sitting off the side of the road in the middle of town? Had lots of other 'junk' around it too ;)

I had a feeling this one was yours. It just had that Woodsac feeling to it and I love it! You were actually the inspiration for my "junk" photo! I love your work and when I saw the objects that I photographed, I instantly thought of you and your photos of the old broken down cars in the desert. I know, mine was not in the desert, but I wanted to give it an old rustic feeling.
Thanks so much...that means a ton!!!! Love the shot you entered ;)

I actually submitted the wrong photo :( I always save a b/w version before I add the tint. Well...I submitted the b/w without the tint. I didn't even know until they posted the contest photos. Oh well...I still got the shot :D
Great shot Woodsac.
I really like the angle on this!
Love the tone too.
The treatment is very pleasant, and it is to me very attractive. I like the left things. Greetings from Spain.

El tratamiento es muy agradable, y me resulta muy atractivo. Me gustan las cosas abandonadas. Saludos desde España.
great shot woodsac i really like this one :thumbup:
love everything about this shot :hail:
This shot is soo cool. You find the neatest stuff.
Thanks everyone!

It was shot in color, converted to b/w with a red filter, then the tint was applied ;) If you've seen any of my other 'tinted' shots, like the old cars, I use the same process for all of them. Takes some tweaking to get it right.
fantastic shot woody, i actually voted for this shot in the contest, although it was a tough decision, there were so many great photos... congrats on the 9 other votes! ;)

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