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Feb 22, 2012
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Hi guys and gals... name is Oscar

Well, I've always liked photography. Never got into it professionally or even semi-pro but have had digital point and shoots for years since the company I work at dabbled in developing cameras at one point and I got to keep some of the developmental hardware (perk of working in R&D). :) For years, I've been the designated family photographer. (as well as the designated DJ and bartender... but, that's another story. lol)

Eventually, I decided to invest in my hobby and purchased a Nikon D70 and was having a ball with it playing around with all the functions. I went and took some CE classes to learn more about the fundamentals about photography and was having fun going downtown and shooting here and there. Sadly, my D70 was stolen about a year and a half ago and have been getting by with my little Nikon P&S.

Well, I have a little one on the way and have been thinking about investing in a quality DSLR again to capture the moments. Been going back and forth with Nikon and Canon for the past few weeks looking at the T3i and D5100. While doing my research, I came across this forum and started reading as much as I could concerning user experiences and such. Saw the recommendations for the D7000 over the D5100 and started researching that body.

Well, I just ordered my D7000 today. Woohoooo!!!!! Should be here late next week. ;) Can't wait. :thumbup:

Hope to keep learning from all you fine folks and look forward to joining the community.
Welcome aboard Oscar. I think you made a good choice, the D7000 is a much nicer camera than the T3i or D5100.
Thanks for the welcome guys. :) Looking forward to participating frequently in this forum.

Jaicatalano, Big Mike, yeah, I think I made the right choice on body as well. I was like 90% ready to pull the trigger on the D5100 a few days ago until I started reading up on the D7000. Figured I would not be happy spending $1k on a D5100 knowing that if I invested a little more I could have a body that offered me quite a bit more features that I could grow into. Can't wait. :)
Hi there bazooka. NW side here. Willowbrook area.
I picked up my D7000 today. Woohooo!! Play time. ;) :thumbup:
H-town. my man!
Ain't 290 a ***** in the mornings?
Sure is. Glad I don't have to get on it frequently. Only when going downtown. I'm more in the 249 area heading northbound. Heading southbound would be like 290, a biatch. :grumpy:
Exactly. 11 minutes door to door for me. :p Now, going uptown, that's a different story. 40 minutes or so just to get to 290/610. Add another 20 minutes or so to get to downtown. :grumpy:

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